Packet of Iberian cured pork loin in wine (100g)

By Ana Delgado

Unlike the large meat producers, who produce their pork loins in large volumes and in a standardised manner, resulting in identical products, this small artisan factory prioritises quality, producing its pork loins one by one and in a natural way, just as in the olden days.

That is why their Iberian pork loins are all unique and different from each other, highlighting the flavour of yesteryear.

Naturally cured for a minimum of 6 months. Elaborated and matured during the winter months. Intense and sweet aroma, with fresh tones tinged with fine glints of wine that take us back to the green countryside, and slowly enriched by a natural curing process. Natural seasoning without paprika with garlic, salt and white wine.

Vacuum-packed sachet (100g)


Packet of Iberian cured pork loin in wine (100g)



Estimated date of delivery: 22/04/2024
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Know about the Artisan

In the mountains of Huelva, three young entrepreneurs produce handmade Iberian acorn-fed pork cured meats following the traditional processes and recipes transmitted by their grandparents.

With your adoption you support Ana, Adrià and María Delgado to continue elaborating cured meats in an artisanal way without having to compete or adapt to the intensive rhythms of the big industrial producers.

Farm information


C. el Patrás, 37, 21388 Hinojales, Huelva


3 young entrepreneurs

Farm size

50 ha

Farming technique

Free-range livestock farming

Amount of livestock

~50 Iberian pigs
New local relationships

They trust us

P. Rodriguez

Excellent ham, better service.
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A. Regular

Really good local products!
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Duly Alg

It is a magnificent and novel idea. I loved it. I love everything responsible with the environment.
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J. Estanislao

High quality local Spanish products at affordable prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service.
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R. Salgado

It is a new company and the treatment received by Goure is phenomenal.
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E. Maryeva

I have found all the products to be of very good quality and the service is unbeatable.
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R. Kasmi

I just received my box from Goure last week and I love it!!!! The package is beautifully decorated and the products are excellent.
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T. Delgado

Very good quality products, all delicious and very happy to be able to help these local artisans to continue producing in their land.
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Carita de muñeca

Real local products! I have never tasted such a tasty Iberian ham.
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