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Contreras Ruiz

The Contreras were a family of winegrowers and winemakers based in Rociana, Huelva. Nowadays, it is the fourth generation of José Joaquín and his brothers who take care of the family winery, with the aim of making Contreras Ruiz a benchmark winery in its oenological adventure.

With your adoption you support José Joaquín to continue the family legacy by producing wines with denomination of origin of the autochthonous Zalema variety without having to compete or adapt to the rhythms of the big industrial producers.

It includes:

6 bottles of DO Condado de Huelva wine delivered at home

Formal invitation for two people to meet the Artisan

Access to GOURE Club


37,51  every 4 months

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Receive a box with products made personally for you every four months. Know exactly how your food is made thanks to direct communication from the Artisan.

Obtain a double invitation to meet your Artisan in person, his farm and taste the products in his surroundings.

Become part of the Goure Private Club with exclusive access to new artisans and unique promotions.

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