Sheep’s wool products

By Beatriz Castilla Delgado

Buy a box of quality sheep’s wool products directly from Beahilando and contribute to preserving the tradition of handcrafted wool making sure that the knowledge and wisdom of the past is not forgotten.

100% handmade, sustainable and biodegradable sheep’s wool products.

It rewards the work ethic of people like Beatriz who prioritise quality over quantity.

What does it contain?

Beatriz’s wool products are not only unique and personalised, they are also biodegradable and 100% ecological. They have a zero carbon footprint during their production as they are all handmade in her workshop located in her farm Las Peñas.

The artisan currently makes her products with wool recovered from local Merino and Churras Lebrijanas sheep, while waiting to have her own flock of sheep.

Unlike the big manufacturers, we do not mix wool from different sheep. The products you receive with each adoption are all made from the wool of the same Merino and Churra Lebrijana sheep. From each sheep is extracted about 2,5 kg of wool per season. After shearing, classifying, washing and carding the wool, approximately 800 gr of wool is left for spinning.

Box sizes

Invierno box:

  • 4 x Merino wool Christmas decoration set crocheted by Beatriz (60-100 gr)

Christmas decorations knitted with Merino wool, very soft to the touch. Unique and personal designs. The size per unit is 15 cm. Natural colour, no dyeing process.

  • 2 x Churra Lebrijana wool exfoliating sponges crocheted by Beatriz (30 gr)

Sponges crocheted with Churra Lebrijana wool, ideal for body exfoliation due to the roughness of the fibre. The size per unit is 10 cm. Natural colour, no dyeing process. 

  • 1 x Churra Lebrijana wool dryer ball set (6 pcs.) (120 gr)

Handmade with Churra Lebrijana wool. Ideal for reducing drying time and eliminating static energy generated by the dryer. By inserting three balls, efficiency is guaranteed. Size per unit between 20 and 24 cm in circumference. Natural colour, no dyeing process.

  • 1 x Merino lambswool socks hand knitted by Beatriz (50-60 gr)

The socks are made of merino lambswool. This wool is extremely soft to the touch and very transpirable. Personal designs. The socks are knitted with circular needles and without annoying seams. Natural colour, no dyeing process.

  • 1 x felted Merino wool insoles handwoven by Beatriz (150-180 gr)

Insoles made of felted merino wool. Natural colour, white or black depending on the wool. No dyeing process has been carried out. The softness of their touch makes them ideal for all types of shoes due to their comfort. 


Primavera box:

  • 1 x Merino wool cushion or pillow cover handwoven by Beatriz (150 gr)

Cover made of Merino wool, soft to the touch and very transpirable. Personal design. Knitted with two needles. The dimensions are 50 x 30 cm. Natural colour, no dyeing process.

  • 1 x Churra Lebrijana wool cushion or pillow elaborated by Beatriz (500 gr)

The cushion has 500 gr of washed and carded Churra Lebrijana wool, ideal for filling the cushion cover or pillow cover of Merino wool. Wool is delivered in a cloth cover with the dimensions 50 x 30 cm. 

  • 2 x handmade Merino wool felted soap bars by Beatriz (40 gr)

The felted soap bars are made of combed Merino wool in black and white, natural colours of this breed of sheep. Using the felting technique we get a sheath that adheres to the soap and serves as a sponge when washing. Each bar of soap is unique. Ideal for our daily personal hygiene. The whole process is done by hand.


Verano box:

  • 1 x Merino wool handbag crocheted by Beatriz (170 gr)

The bag is made with hand-knitted merino wool. Personal design. The dimensions are 74 cm high and 40 cm wide. Natural colour, no dyeing process. Ideal for shopping, for storing food in the kitchen, or even for going out.

  • 1 x Churra Lebrijana wool placemat handwoven by Beatriz (90 gr)

The placemat is crocheted in merino wool, soft to the touch and very transpirable. Personal design. The size per unit is 27 cm. Natural colour, no dyeing process. The placemat is double-sided to protect the table.

  • 6 x Merino wool coasters crocheted by Beatriz (90 gr)

Coasters knitted with merino wool soft to the touch. Personal designs. Size per unit 15 cm. Natural colour, no dyeing process. Ideal for the table next to the placemat.


Artisan’s tips

For a proper use and conservation of woollen products (bags, table mats, coasters, cushion covers, socks, exfoliating sponges and Christmas ornaments), Beatriz recommends washing them as little as possible, always trying to leave them to air dry. If you want to wash these products, the artisan recommends soaking by hand very carefully (without rubbing or shaking) in lukewarm water and using a neutral or special detergent for wool. Never use the washing machine or tumble dryer with these products.

For felted woollen products (bars of soap, inserts and ball sets) there is no problem using the washing machine and tumble dryer.

If a product is stored in drawers or cupboards for a longer period of time, the craftswoman recommends wrapping the product in cloth for optimal protection.


Sheep’s wool products


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Know about the Artisan

Today, Spain is mainly an exporter of unprocessed wool. Also, a large part of the wool obtained after shearing, the coarser wool, is discarded and ends up in landfills or burned. 

However, in this hostile context, there are still projects that keep alive the flame of the history of this natural fiber, such as Beatriz’s, and that also offer us quality, sustainable wool products that contribute to the regeneration of the territory.

With your adoption you support Beatriz to consolidate her project without having to compete or adapt to the rhythms of the big industrial producers.

Farm information


Camino del Mustio s/n, Aroche, Huelva


A craftswoman

Farm size

82 ha

Farming technique

Artisanal, without industrial machinery
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