Organic extra virgin olive oil

By José Antonio Triano García

Buy a box directly from “La Bandada” and support José Antonio to continue protecting biodiversity and the European environment thanks to its extensive and organic production free of pesticides and herbicides. 

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. 

100% Natural, no additives.

It rewards the work ethic of people like José Antonio who prioritize quality over quantity.

What does it contain?

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Avión Roquero. Bottle of 500 ml.

New harvest 2023-2024. Cold extraction. Harvested by hand.

This organic EVOO is a new harvest olive oil of an intense green colour with a perfume of fresh grass and mountains.. It is mild at first with a balanced bitter and spicy taste due to its high level of polyphenols and antioxidants, ending with an intense sensation of fresh fruit. This oil has not been subjected to filtering processes. With good structure and persistence, it is a flavour enhancer for any food. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Milano Negro. Bottle of 500 ml.

New harvest 2023-2024. Cold extraction. Harvested by hand.

A soft fruity taste, exquisite and fluid in the mouth. This new harvest extra virgin olive oil is slightly sweet,, with little bitterness and spiciness. Among the aromas a strong olive perfume stands out with soft hints of flowers, apple and green fruits. Made from olives harvested in the first half of November 2023. Cold extraction. It is full-bodied and has an intense yellow colour that shows the character of a mountain olive tree.

Both olive oils provide a high concentration of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid of the omega 9 series, which is particularly beneficial for the blood vessels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Box sizes

Caja Pareja (Couple Box)

  • 1 x Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 
  • 1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 

Caja Familia (Family Box):

  • 2 x Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 
  • 2 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 

Caja Gran Familia (Big Family Box):

  • 3 x Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 
  • 3 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil – New harvest (500 ml) 

Artisan’s tips

José Antonio recommends that the extra virgin olive oil should be consumed within 12 months of delivery in order to enjoy all its organoleptic qualities. 

Our olive oil is perfect to be consumed raw, for example in salads. Due to its low acidity it is also great for cooking, baking, sauces, as thanks to its organoleptic qualities it is an enhancer of the flavour of any food. If you are looking for dishes with flavour and personality, do not hesitate to use olive oil when cooking food. 

José Antonio, artisan of century-old mountain olive trees, recommends keeping the olive oil in its original container for a proper preservation, as the darkness of the glass protects it from light. He also recommends keeping it away from light and heat, the two main enemies of olive oil.


Organic extra virgin olive oil


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Estimated date of delivery: 24/05/2024
Any questions? Write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Reconnect with the origins

Know about the Artisan

José Antonio cultivates the same centuries-old mountain olive trees that were cultivated by his parents and before them, his grandparents. And so did many generations before them. 

The road has not been easy. It is never easy to start a business in rural areas. The mountain olive grove needs constant attention and care throughout the year, which limits the time I can invest in marketing and publicising the product.

With your adoption you are helping José Antonio to preserve the tradition of cultivating centuries-old mountain olive trees without having to compete with or adapt to the rhythms of large industrial producers.

Farm information


El Silo s/n


2 Farmers

Farm size

30 ha

Farming technique

Dry pastured olive grove
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