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Our most popular boxes

12,29 €
Don Rogelio

Artisan Iberian pork pâtés


◾ 6 Iberian pâtés (Iberian Ham, Loin of Pork, Pedro Ximénez, Classic, Fine Herbs and White Pepper)

46,78 €
Elaborados Ocas Iglesias

Free-range goose products set


◾ Acorn-fed Goose Ham (100g)

◾ Natural Goose Pâté (100g)

◾ Acorn-fed Goose Rillete (100g)

◾ Goose Cream with Fine Herbs (100g)

◾ Goose Cream with Blueberries (100g)

46,38 €
La Última Dehesa

Pata negra ham from free-range Iberian pigs


◾ 3 Iberian Ham (300g)

◾ 3 Iberian Ham Shoulder (300g)

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When you adopt, not only do you receive quality local products all year round, but you also allow the local producer to earn a fairer income and to continue to develop his or her activity.