Free-range goose products set

By Pedro Jose Iglesias León

Buy a box of gourmet artisan products directly from the producer and support Pedro José to keep raising his geese in freedom and feeding them in a natural way to produce a unique product.

100% force-feed free. Natural, without any additives.

Reward the work ethic of people like Pedro José who prioritise quality over quantity.

What does it contains?

This box of gourmet artisan products from free-range, non-force-fed geese includes:

  • 1 x Acorn-fed Goose Ham (100g Vacuum-packed tray)

Handmade throughout the whole process, drying, curing, cutting and packaging. It is made from the magret of geese raised in the wild and fed with acorns that give it a flavour that differentiates it from any other similar product. This goose ham, whether as a starter or appetizer, makes the difference between a normal meal and an exquisite one that will surprise the rest of the guests. With a smooth texture and excellent quality, the marbling of the meat and the nutty tones of its flavour make it similar to the best Iberian hams.

  • 1 x Natural Goose Pâté (100g Glass Jar)

Made from the liver and meat of the acorn-fed goose, goose pâté stands out for its great unctuousness, flavour and aromas that will make your dishes stand out for their quality and originality. Intense flavour and smooth texture. Ideal for any occasion, this product can be enjoyed spread on bread rolls or toast or in dishes such as salads.

  • 1 x Acorn-fed Goose Rillete (100g Glass jar)

Made from the shredded meat and different spices in the fat of the animal where it is cooked and preserved. A typical French preparation that stands out for its texture and the intense flavour provided by the natural feed based on acorns. Ideal for any occasion, this product can be enjoyed spread on bread rolls or toast or in dishes such as salads.

  • 1 x Goose Cream with Fine Herbs (100g Glass jar)

Made from goose liver and meat accompanied by local herbs and spices. Magnificent appetizer perfect as a starter, where the fine herbs highlight and accompany the flavour of the acorn-fed goose.

  • 1 x Goose Cream with Blueberries (100g Glass jar)

Made from goose liver and meat accompanied by blueberries. The blueberries obtained directly from the Jerte Valley area give the product a unique touch to the palate. Magnificent appetizer, perfect as a starter, where the blueberry adds a fruity touch.

Artisan’s tips

For maximum enjoyment of these products we recommend opening them a few minutes before consumption to allow the flavours to develop, if kept in the fridge take them out a 30 minutes before to allow them to temper.

These pâtés of geese are excellent as an aperitif and ideal for any occasion, they can be enjoyed spread on bread rolls or toast or in dishes such as salads. Once opened, they should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 5 days.


Free-range goose products set



Estimated date of delivery: 22/04/2024
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Reconnect with the origins

Know about the Artisan

Coming from a farming family, Pedro Jose has revived this tradition by starting, together with his wife and son, a pioneering initiative in Extremadura, a free-range acorn-fed goose farm.

The path has not been easy and it has taken this family years of experimentation and improvement to adapt the free-range breeding of this animal to an environment where livestock farming is generally limited to pigs, cows and sheep.

With your adoption you are helping Pedro Jose to continue his incredible work, to produce a unique product in the world, goose foie micuit without force-feeding, and to continue expanding the culinary offerings of an environment that has so much to offer.

Farm information


Paraje el Pardo, Pol. 2, Parc. 9. 06249 Calzadilla de los Barros


3 Farmers and 2 Transformers

Farm size

10 ha

Farming technique

Extensive poultry farm
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P. Rodriguez

Excellent ham, better service.
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Really good local products!
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Duly Alg

It is a magnificent and novel idea. I loved it. I love everything responsible with the environment.
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J. Estanislao

High quality local Spanish products at affordable prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service.
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R. Salgado

It is a new company and the treatment received by Goure is phenomenal.
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E. Maryeva

I have found all the products to be of very good quality and the service is unbeatable.
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R. Kasmi

I just received my box from Goure last week and I love it!!!! The package is beautifully decorated and the products are excellent.
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T. Delgado

Very good quality products, all delicious and very happy to be able to help these local artisans to continue producing in their land.
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Carita de muñeca

Real local products! I have never tasted such a tasty Iberian ham.
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