El Señorío de Monesterio

By Inma Villalba

In Monesterio, a family project of artisan cheese making led by Inma Villalba dazzles the most purist cheese lovers with its incredible 100% handmade cheese made from Extremaduran goat's milk.

International prestige

Our cheese company El Señorío de Monesterio is located at Monesterio, in the Tentudía region (Badajoz).

Here you will find the cradle of ancestral traditions that for centuries have been followed by generations of shepherds and artisans, makers of one of the oldest foods in existence, cheese. Our cheese factory has been making cheese for years, a product that is a treasure of gastronomy and that nowadays cannot be missing in any home due to its innumerable health benefits.

The philosophy of the Señorío de Monesterio company has always been to respect the gastronomic tradition of the region. For this reason, the company opted to produce quality products, which require a great deal of effort and care in the manufacturing process. The result was a range of cheeses that are characterised by the use of the best selected raw materials from the best natural resources, as well as the care and maturing of our cheeses.

Throughout the entire production process, artisan care and attention to detail take precedence over quantity, thus guaranteeing that each and every one of our cheeses leaves our facilities in perfect condition.

The Cincho awards have established themselves as the most important national competition for Spanish cheeses and one of the most prestigious at international level, which has awarded prizes to several of our cheeses. On the international scene, the World Cheese Awards are the most renowned international cheese competition on the continent. Organised by The Guild of Fine Food, the World Cheese Awards have brought together the best cheese professionals for decades.

Our fresh goat’s cheese and cured goat’s cheese with ash won the Silver World Cheese Awards along with the Silver Cincho in 2022 and 2023.
The Pedro Ximénez cured goat cheese has been awarded the Gold Frankfurt International Trophy in 2023, World Cheese Awards bronze in 2022-23 and 1st prize at the Trujillo National Cheese Fair in 2022.
The natural semi-cured goat cheese was the winner of the I Concurso del Queso Artesano Trashumante.

Extremadura, a unique place for goat farming

Extremadura is a region where sheep and goats provide milk of extraordinary quality, as our animals graze in a unique environment surrounded by holm oaks and cork oaks, and where, in addition to acorns, they have infinite natural pastures.

Goat’s cheese is one of the oldest cheeses known. For centuries, flocks of sheep and goats have formed part of the peculiar landscape of Extremadura. In ancient times, goat’s milk was considered the best substitute for mother’s milk due to its excellent properties. That is why our main mission at Señorío de Monesterio is to preserve all the essence of this millenary product, which is so healthy and has exceptional nutritional characteristics.

Farm information


Polígono Industrial El Cerezo s/n, 06260 Monesterio (Badajoz)


A cheese master and two workers

Farm size

10 ha

Farming technique

Artisan family cheese factory

Adopt El Señorío de Monesterio

In Monesterio, a family project of artisan cheese making led by Inma Villalba dazzles the most purist cheese lovers with its incredible 100% handmade cheese made from Extremaduran goat’s milk.

Despite having been running for less than 5 years, her cheeses have received numerous national and international awards highlighting their authentic flavour and quality.

With your adoption you encourage local development by supporting Inma to continue developing her artisan activity without having to adapt to the intensive rhythms of large industrial producers.

It includes:

6 artisan goat’s cheeses delivered at home

Formal invitation for two people to meet the Artisan

Access to GOURE Club


41,86  every 4 months

The elaborations of El Señorío de Monesterio