Pata negra ham from free-range Iberian pigs

By Antonio Jesús Romero

Buy a box of Iberian ham directly from the producer and help Antonio Jesús and Isabel to keep alive the Spanish tradition of raising 100% Iberian pigs in complete freedom using extensive farming techniques that protect the environment.

100% natural. 0% additives.

Rewards the work ethic of people like Antonio Jesús and Isabel who prioritise quality over quantity.

What does it contain?

This box of gourmet artisan products from Iberian pigs bred in total freedom in their natural habitat, the “dehesa”, includes:

  • 3 x Iberian Ham (100g)

From Iberian pigs bred in complete freedom, fed with natural resources produced by the environment and supplementing their diet with natural cereals. Pleasant, sweet and mild flavour, with a good infiltration of fat that makes it a delight for the most exquisite palates.

  • 3 x Iberian Ham Shoulder (100g)

From Iberian pigs bred in complete freedom, fed with natural resources produced by the environment and supplementing their diet with natural cereals. Mild, sweet and fine flavour with intramuscular fat that melts on the palate waiting for a second bite.

Artisan’s tips

To elevate the experience when tasting the Ham and Ham Shoulder, Antonio Jesús recommends taking the container out of the fridge and leaving it under the tap for about 25 seconds at a lukewarm temperature (25ºC). Open the package, identify the slice that matches the mark and place it on the plate. Let the dish rest for 3-4 minutes to taste at room temperature. Another way, less quick but just as effective, is to temper the products at room temperature for at least 45 minutes.

To ensure optimum preservation of the product and its organoleptic qualities, the Artisan recommends:

Except in winter, the Ham and Ham Shoulder packets should be kept cold between 4 – 10ºC in their original packaging until tasting.


Pata negra ham from free-range Iberian pigs



Estimated date of delivery: 24/05/2024
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Know about the Artisan

Antonio Jesús and his wife Isabel founded LA ULTIMA DEHESA 10 years ago. Although they were clear about it long before, it was not until 2012 when they gave up the comfort of their jobs in the city to return to the town and give birth to this family project.

The road has not been easy. Undertaking in rural areas never is. When you create your own product you don’t just have to worry about the manufacturing, but about people trying it. Combining all this with your tasks as a farmer.

With your adoption you help Antonio Jesús to preserve the tradition of making black label 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham in Hinojales without having to compete or adapt to the rhythms of the large industrial producers.

Farm information


C. Nueva, 3, 21388 Hinojales, Huelva


2 Ranchers and 4 Producers

Farm size

70 ha

Farming technique

Livestock in absolute freedom in pasture

Amount of livestock

~70 100% Iberico pigs
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P. Rodriguez

Excellent ham, better service.
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A. Regular

Really good local products!
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Duly Alg

It is a magnificent and novel idea. I loved it. I love everything responsible with the environment.
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J. Estanislao

High quality local Spanish products at affordable prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service.
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R. Salgado

It is a new company and the treatment received by Goure is phenomenal.
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E. Maryeva

I have found all the products to be of very good quality and the service is unbeatable.
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R. Kasmi

I just received my box from Goure last week and I love it!!!! The package is beautifully decorated and the products are excellent.
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T. Delgado

Very good quality products, all delicious and very happy to be able to help these local artisans to continue producing in their land.
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Carita de muñeca

Real local products! I have never tasted such a tasty Iberian ham.
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